Friday, December 2, 2011

Can't say No

This is why I can't say no to mr tobyn. He gives that lip!

YouTube Video

-Aly G

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

11 Months Old

My big man growing up... *tear* I can't believe the time has gone so quickly!

Started chewing on his wooden crib, he is definitely leaving his mark!

Here is what you have been up to lately:
You just learned how to clap yesterday!
You pretty much eat all big people food
You have decided to take only 1 nap a day now... Mama not happy!
Now that you figured out peek a boo you love to play after the bath with dada and the shower curtain.
You love the movie tangled
You had your first bloody injury this month when you feel and your teeth went through your lip.
You take showers now too.
You have mastered walking and standing with no assistance.
You are getting to cute.
You are fascinated with babies and always want to put your hand in their mouth.

We love you Tobyn Koa I'm so glad to help you become an awesome kid.

- Aly G

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's Official My Son is Spoiled!

My case and utility cover have finally arrived for my iPad 2, THANK GOODNESS! I was always so nervous whenever Toby would come around. I hardly used it when he was awake, let alone have him touch it. Now that it's protected by griffin he can watch and play games until his little heart is content... I may have let him take that literally. On my workouts this morning I had him in the BOB and hung the strap arounds the over head cover and the rest is history!

He was so happy in the stroller watching his Toy Story that he didn't even want out of it when we got home. I let him finish the movie before feeding him and putting him down for a nap. This is going to be wondrous when I want to take long runs without the stress of him getting upset.

We even strolled into the neighbors houe to get his toys that we left and he could careless about what else is going on, I think I have created a monster. He is so spoiled with all the toys that he gets! Now he has a personal entertainment center in his stroller, what a lucky kid!

-Aly G

Stair Master!

My boy is growing so fast, and wants to climb on all the toys like big kids do! Now that he walks I make him walk EVERYWHERE! he just follows me anywhere I go so it's still easy to keep track of him.  I hope that he will start exploring more and not so much clinging to my feet, but I know soon he will be running and then I will want to take those words back! He is just growing like a stink weed!

-Aly G

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Toy Story Man

Got little one dressed and ready to head out for mama's morning run. The weather is cooling faster than expected but luckily I found this awesome hat with matching gloves for TK!

We were eating breakfast on the way, blueberry eggos! Tobyn loves them he eats two with syrup and oatmeal in the morning. A growing boy needs his strength!

After the run we went to pick up some used toys from the flea market page. I got him this large buzz and a singing guitar playing woody doll. He loves them! The best part is I got two posters and another mini buzz doll for free, the lady was so generous. She could not bear the thought to throw them away and wanted someone to love them as much as her kids did. I know Toby will love them.

I even wrote his name on them like Andy does in the movies. So cute, I'm glad that we were able to pick them up. He loves when wordy sings you got a friend in me. I'll have to post that video soon!

- Aly G

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Eater

Ma, I just woke up get that camera out of my face.

You are so silly mama.

Ok I'm awake, happy, and ready to play.

I've been putting him in all the Halloween attire I have. This pumpkin outfit will not snap all the way if he is wearing his cloth diaper. It's still cute and he was two weeks left to wear it. I can't wait to post him in his costume it's so cute.

- Aly G

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Toby loves his Dada!

Toby loves when Daddy is home. He gets so excited and follows him around everywhere. It's so adorable how you can tell how much he loves him. My little man is getting so big and smart. I can't believe that he is almost a year old! Time sure does fly but Nik and I are so thankful for all the moments we get together.

YouTube Video

- Aly G

Location:Hannam-dong,Seoul,South Korea

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Smiles :)

I have never seen a kid smile as much as Toby. With all his teeth growing in a different rates. He looks like a baby jack-o-lantern! I believe babies can only carry one emotion at a time and its amazing to see more smiles on his face than frowns. Lately he has been throwing fits when something gets taken away; his tantrums come with tears and all. I know it's just a phase but it's still good to know that he is a happy boy; we must be doing something right.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Walkin Boy

So at 9 months old and 10 days, he has decided that crawling is for chumps. He has been using his walker all over the house. When he gets stuck most of the time he picks it up and slams it back in the other direction.  Takes it up the hall way and all the way around to the kitchen. Cruising on the furniture and taking steps in between objects, he is finally getting it.  I love how he carries around his toys in his mouth so he can use his hands for balance. He figured how to to that when he was learning to pull up on the couch; he wanted to play with a toy on the couch while he stands and after many attempts realized putting it in the mouth means hands free for movement. I am so proud of out son, I can't believe the things he is capable of doing. He can bend over and pick up a toy that fell at his feet without falling. That is some talent!

At his 9 month check up he weights 24lbs and 28.24 inches long. He can do everything except for clap his hands together; he claps them on his tummy. Playing patty cake he just likes to watch me do the movements. Playing peek-a-boo with him makes you feel stupid; he looks at you like I know you are behind the blanket you are not really going anywhere. I say he is too smart for peek-a-boo, but I still try to play it with him. Let thing I'm working on is him saying mama, he is not even close to an "mm" sound yet he goes around saying dada all day long. He rambles, da da da da da and even does it silently moving his mouth and clicking his tongue but no sounds comes out. He loves to make many noises that is for sure but mama is not one of them. Soon enough I should not push him to grow up faster than I want, he is at the best age!
-Aly G

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mr. Snuggles

Here is this past week of us being under the weather. It was so nice to have snuggle time with my minion. He is the perfect little cozy lovie. I cherish these moments  I have with him because before you know it he is all grown up and off to college.  This is the perfect age, I'm having so much fun watching him grow, explore the house, and loving on me. Makes me want to have another one.

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

This picture with his thumb in the mouth is my favorite. Although since he is sick he cana't breath out of his nose and he fusses a little trying to find a way to keep it in his mouth and breath at the same time. Funny guy.

-Aly G

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Umbrella Slumber

We took a trip to visit Dada at work. Tobyn always loves to ride the train. On the way home he fell asleep for the first time in his umbrella stroller. What a champ!

I have found that it takes an hour and 15 minutes to take the metro to K16. 2 hours if I have to walk the 2.5 miles to the gate. Thankfully Nik came and picked us up from the Suseo station so it made the trip easy! This fall I plan on visiting Daddy for lunch at least once a week. It's good to get out and Nik always loves to see his mini me.

Still love his shoes!
-Aly G

Tobyn the Model

After his new boots arriving, I decided to let him try them on.  He modeled them for me.  He was not to happy about it at first, they were a son of a gun to put on his fat little feet. After they were on he was fine as long as he was not crawling either. I hope that he can wear them this winter if he ever starts to slim down. I know that if they don't fit we can always save them for the next baby.
 He has the cheesiest smile, showing of his few choppers in his mouth. He also looks so cute in his cloth diapers, I'm becoming an addict. There are so many cute designs and prints defiantly going to stock up on some new ones again for another baby. What is nice is I can always sell them off in order to purchase new ones. They don't really lose to much of their value.

Mom help me I'm falling over! hahaha My handsome boy, just like his dad. I wonder if he will ever model over here... we will see....

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wake Up Snuggles

Since mom has been under the weather the past few days. My little man has been laying down with me and taking naps. I hope this is not going to spoil him because as much as I'd like to I cannot take a nap every day with him.

YouTube Video

When he wakes up let me tell ya he is the happiest guy! All smiles and ready to adventure. I do have to say this age is the best! He is mobile enough to entertain himself but still little enough he needs you. He is happy and learning to snuggle; 9 months is the best age!

-Aly G

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sneeze Attack = Laugh Attack

Since I have been sick there are a lot more nosies I make during the day which Tobyn finds hilarious. Usually when I blow my nose he runs because it's a scary sound. You should see how fast he crawls wen I blow into that tissue it makes me laugh then I start to cough which makes him more concerned for me. Today while feeding him I sneezed and he thought that was so dang funny! This picture I snapped after all his laughing; reminder never give a baby a laugh attack during feeding time it's ends up in a splattered mess everywhere!

Here is the video of some of his laughs. It's too cute! I love his belly laughs he is just growing to fast. I hope you enjoy the video because it made me feel a little bit better.

YouTube Video

He is becoming so much more adventurous, I'm chasing him all over the house because he can't get enough of discovering. It has seriously been screwing up his nap times; there's just to much to explore I guess. I let him play in the kitchen while I get his food ready and he knows how to open the drawers. Looks like we need to start child proofing the house!

-Aly G

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sick Mama

So on today I woke up with a terrible sore throat and half my nose plugged. This was not the way to start my week especially when I planned on jumping back into pace with my running and BodyRocker workouts. Thankfully Nik finally had a day off and he most graciously took care of Toby and I got to sleep for most of the day. I felt terrible and sounded worse than I looked.

Nik still had to run some errands and even canceled his softball practice because I was so ill. While he was gone I got Toby to nap with me because I just could not keep up with him.

We slept for a good two hours; though I am not sure when exactly he got up I was in a cold medicine coma that when I did wake up Toby was out playing with dada. Again thank goodness Nik was home today, but I'm not looking forward to his 24 hour shift tomorrow... I just pray this passes quickly!

-Aly G

These Boots are Made for Walking

Tobyn got his new pair of Robeez shoes! Actually he got two pairs because Amazon was having a great sale. I'm a little jealous because the girl Robeez are adorable! The boys have some cool stuff but I was lucky to find the cutest ones. I got him Shark frenzy rain boots for winter, with socks on these will be good for the snow too. They are waterproof and 12-18 month size, but I know that he will only wear these for the winter his feet are to fat!

I got him some mega cute ones were one foot has a little monster and the other has a little frog prince. They are reversible; once the outside gets really dirty, wipe them off and flip them inside out and you have a new pair! I think mama is more excited than Toby but he always wants to stand EVERYWHERE we go.  I could not bear the thought any more of his bare feet on the ground, and while he crawls he gets the tops of his feet dirty too. It was just time to start the shoe trend anyways; my son has never worn shoes until now.

We went to visit Daddy at work and to pick up the mail. While waiting for formation Toby decides he needs to get some exercise. He was walking across this pool table I had him on, I got it on video but he was tired by that point. At least you can see some walking action but he was walking all the way across with no hep at all! It was awesome!!! Nik got to see him in action. It was a nice reward for dada since he just worked 2 weeks of crazy 24 hour shifts. So proud of my men.
-Aly G

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Most Eligible Bachelor Appearance

Tobyn attended Chloe's first birthday party! He had so much fun! My hambone loved showing off for the ladies. He was smiling, giggling and showing off his walking skills. Oh yea he loves the attention!

Mr. Chuckles you can't help but smile with him.

The weather was perfect a little warm but there was a little breeze as well. Chloe's mom makes great food, we ate so much! It was a great party.

Here is the beautiful little lady. She is so adorable, little miss princess was a great party hostess. She lasted for most of the day she is such a trooper!

Here she gets cake all over her face, an excellent tradition if I do say so myself! She enjoyed all her cake and wore it too!

It was a fun day even though Nik was called into work :( Tobyn and I had a great time. He loved his party bag a few of the toys he loves to play with still. Like I say children love toys best when they are free!

-Aly G